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Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

Télécharger Cornerstone The Song of Tyrim


Titre: Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim
Genre: Action, Aventure, Indépendant
Développeur: Overflow Games
Éditeur: Phoenix Online Publishing
Date de parution : 26 avr 2016

Config Materiel

Système d’exploitation : Windows XP SP2Processeur : Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processorMémoire vive : 4 GB de mémoireGraphiques : 512 MB

DirectX : Version 9.0

Espace disque : 3 GB d’espace disque disponible


À propos de ce jeu

Action role-playing, puzzle solving, and crafting combine in this sprawling open-world fantasy epic, which invites you to take on a range of sweeping quests, battle unforgettable adversaries, and experience the adventure of a lifetime. An interactive, physics-based world of wonder bursting with colorful characters and exotic islands filled with tricks, traps, and treasures to explore awaits your conquest as you gather fantastical artifacts and equipment which can be crafted into playable vehicles and more.

It’s been weeks since anyone last saw the Viking men of the village of Borja, and young Tyrim is determined to set forth and find them. Wielding his crafting and combat skills, you’ll set sail on the Mad Goat across the seas to uncover the world of Nygard’s mysteries, collecting fabulous relics, uncovering forbidden secrets and magic, and ultimately challenging an ancient and unstoppable evil as you quest to bring the Vikings home.

Epic, open-world blend of action RPG, physics-based puzzle-solving, and combat

Complete crafting system – build your own weapons, armor, and gear

Explore 8 exotic islands filled with unique enemies, treasures, and adventures

Playable vehicles include ships, windsurfers, and more

Dozens of quirky characters to interact and engage with

Sweeping score includes live musicians and sound effects

Fluid and realistic physics bring the action to life

Info Sur Upload

Langue : Français
Format : .iso
Crack : inclus


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